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Our fave 5: Instagrammable Cafes in London

London is the perfect city for Instagrammable locations. You've got the really well-known ones: Notting Hill, Covent Garden, South Kensington, Chelsea; and some slightly less known but pretty nonetheless: Camden Town, Kentish Town, Ravenscourt Park. And because London has everything you need, they also have Instagrammable cafes.

If you don't feel like queueing in front of a landmark for the perfect photo or the perfect flower display, what you can do is just sit at one of the prettiest terraces in the capital. There are so many of them, we decided to make it easy for you and picked our five favourites!


Peggy Porschen

Peggy Porschen is probably the most famous Instagrammable cafe of London. The pink walls and seasonal displays of the parlour are well known in town. The outside displays change every season and for major celebrations such as Halloween or Valentine's Day so you can come back as many time as you want, you will always have a new photo to post! The parlour also has a large variety of cakes and cupcakes, also very Instagrammable, and pretty drinks. You can find Peggy Porschen on Elizabeth Street in Belgravia or on King's Road in Chelsea.




Elan Cafe


No need to introduce Elan Cafe. You have probably heard of the name by now. It is quite famous in London and loved by Instagram influencers. The flower walls are perfect for photos and so are the food and locations. Salmon and avocado on toast with edible flowers anyone? Bonus is, you've six Elan Cafes in London so need to queue at the most famous one. Oxford Circus and Hyde Park sure are always crowded. So worth it as the food is actually very good.




Saint Aymes


Not only is Saint Aymes super pretty but it is in the heart of Connaught village, a hamlet within London next to Hyde Park, which is also super cute. Photo opp when you eat, and as many on your way to the cafe. The outside is always decorated by seasonal faux flowers, making it one of the prettiest terraces in town. Inside is just as pretty with flower wells and displays. Their secret? They do not seat anyone when the whole party has not arrived yet. That's how they reduce waiting time. They have space downstairs and their pancakes are to die for. Try their unicorn latte though!




Dominique Ansel


There is a street in London where all the floral displays seems to appear. It is Elizabeth Street and if you've come that far into reading this post, you know that Peggy Porschen is in the same street. Dominique Ansel is famous for having invented the cronut. Half-croissant, half-dobut, always filled with delicious jam or cream, and delivering gorgeous flavours. Just like its neighbour Peggy, displays change as seasons come and go. The inside is as pretty as the outside. A must-see is the terrace at the back. Snap your photo there or in front of the door, it will be just as gorgeous. The pastry menue is also a sweet tooth dream!




Dalloway Terrace


A bit further away and in a much more exclusive location is Dalloway Terrace. You can sit at the terrace in a gorgeous spring jungle at the moment. It makes for the best photo. And just so you know, the decor changes as the seasons go. Thriving summer, colourful autumn, winter wonderland, you won't be disappointed. They have a great selection of drinks and food for brunch, or lunch! Their pancakes are the biggest and fluffiest in town, and oh! so worth it!




We know London has may more beautiful cafes - The Ivy Chelsea Garden, Fait Maison, Feya Cafe, Maitre Choux, Kalifornia KitchenThe Knot Churros, and so on... But the choice can be so hard to make. Where to go next for brunch? Our little selection will make your choice easier.




April 18, 2019 — ADEXE CREATIVE



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