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Adexe Freerunner Black with accessories

ADEXE in words – for many it's an unusual word and for others it's a synonym of elegance, class and exquisiteness. We are known as the masters of luxury watchmaking; and are widely known for this by constantly producing contemporary watches across the globe.

Our timeless, fashionable watches are designed with a wealth of knowledge and artistic elements in mind. They are each individually produced with the highest level of manufacturing expertise and delivered at exceptional standards compared to those watches that are cheaply made or imitated. ADEXE watches are easy to identify. Not only is the ADEXE brand present on each watch, but they have a flawless appearance and succinct finish.

How can you tell if a watch is one of our premium ADEXE watches? 
In terms of our meticulous ADEXE watches, they will be constructed with hardened crystal; making it resistant to scratches and breaks.

Leather is another tell-tale sign of not only a quality watch, but an ADEXE watch. If both sides of the strap do not have genuine leather – not only leather, but genuine Italian leather on both front and back sides – then you can guarantee that it's not one of ours.

The birth of ADEXE has set the new standard for quality, enduring watches. We are the representatives of the rebirth of old tradition, formulated by the latest manufacturing techniques.

Find out more today by taking a look through our wide selection of men and women’s watches. 

ADEXE in words

By Angel J Wu

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