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ADEXE Watch Hunt With The Big Smoke Events

What did you get up to for Easter? We’d like to think that we do things differently here at ADEXE, so of course, as Easter was approaching the corner, there was no way we were going to have a regular Easter Egg hunt! No, no, no. We decided to set up our very own; ADEXE watch hunt!

Wondering what a watch hunt is? Let us tell you! Well, actually we didn’t know either, so we called in the experts; The Big Smoke Events to give us a helping hand! The Big Smoke created a fun and exciting hunt involving hidden clues and we asked them to throw in some off the bat crazy challenges to complete in order to claim all our treasures donated from some fabulous brands!

The Big Smoke carefully tailored our event to make sure it was on brand with some really brand-personal tasks.Ten awesome influencers joined us on the 26th of March for the hunt. Teamed up in pairs, they had only one mission…well actually, they had about 25, let us explain…



The thrilling 25 challenges created by The Big Smoke Events included; 3 categories, 7 challenges per category and 1.5 hours on the clock to complete as many challenges as possible! (You didn’t think time wasn’t going to be of the essence did you?).


Our influencers had to:
  • Find: Items to collect
  • Action: Videos to film
  • Snap: Photos to take


Here’s a few of our favourite highlights from the (crazy) challenges our ten influencers had to complete…


  • Entire team jumping (photo taken mid-air)
  • 3 items that rhyme A winning team celebration (ready to be played if you won at the awards ceremony!)
  • A street dance that had to be scored from 1-10 by a stranger
  • A London Fashion Week cat-walk
  • A team member having a piggy back from someone in a suit
  • An advertisement for ADEXE Watches Hopping across a zebra crossing like easter bunnies!
  • Our favourite and showstopper was our brilliant human sized 'ADEXE Easter bunny' (aka our Junior Graphic Designer's employment initiation, unbeknownst to her) running around Stratford. If the influencers managed to spot our ADEXE bunny they would gain some extra bonus points!


Our influencers had to prove they were completing the challenges, by sharing everything on Instagram stories and reverting back to HQ at The Moxy Hotel - Stratford. Perhaps you saw a few?!


Once our lovely bunch finished all their challenges, the Big Smoke Events were working hard preparing a killer presentation for the ultimate awards ceremony which had the influencers rolling on the floor laughing! We also had easter themed cupcakes provided by Lola’s Cupcakes waiting for our influencers when they came back (we were certain they’d be hungry, and even if they weren’t - there’s always room for cake!)
So who took part in the hunt? Let us introduce you to...Faded Spring, Eboni Ivory, Maria J Blogs, Take Heart UK, With Love Anni, Lucy Alice B, Lauren's Day Out, Wanderlust Ruby, Stellattitude, Taty. Now we’re sure you’re eager to know how they all did...


Stella and Taty came in 5th, Maria and Tabby 4th. In third place we had Ruby and Lauren. Ana and Eboni came second and the winners were (drum roll please)…Yoanna and Alice! Congrats girls! You’re all winners in our eyes!



A huge thank you to all the brands that got involved in our #ADEXEWatchHunt and provided some incredible prizes, thank you to Moxy Hotel for providing an incredible space to start and finish and finally a massive thank you to The Big Smoke Events for organising the hunt that the influencers described as ’the most fun they’d had in ages!’


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