Inside Look at LFW Designer Showrooms

Why would a watch brand be showcasing at London Fashion Week? That was a frequent question we had to answer during the 5 days we were at the Designer Showrooms. The answer is pretty simple, we just wanted to be different. And being different occasionally requires taking unconventional paths.

Sometimes the predictable way is not the best way. There’s no single formula, although we want to try new things and for us, it sounded like a brilliant idea. We want to tell the world that watches aren’t merely a utilitarian timepiece but a powerful fashion accessory that tells a lot about an individual attitude and personality.

We are a young Shoreditch-based watch brand adding a tonne of non-conformism into the watch industry; with a lot of attitude and creative ideas. We are a strong team of five. Our team has been working hard since the beginning of the year, creating a solid foundation to thrive in a fast-paced and highly competitive watch industry.

Throwing back to the day we came up with the idea of showcasing at the Designer Showrooms everyone was looking at each other in the office wondering how we were going to pull this off. I have taken part in LFW many times. From Somerset house to Brewer Street Car Park and this year at 180 The Strand. This opportunity offered a special gallery with a particular focus on accessories. I was certainly impressed by how the Designer Showrooms have grown in the last 5 years, fast becoming a place to connect brands with the press and global influential stores.

We thought it would be awesome to feature ADEXE Watches in the Designer Showrooms. Angel (that’s our brand Managing Director and Founder) knows exactly how the power of innovation has changed her family business throughout the times and she fully supported the idea since it was a mere thought bubble. We worked hard for three months to make our debut impeccable.

We chose to work with London-based influencers Gwilym Pugh and Lauren Black to feature in our LFW SS/18 collection campaign because we believe the universe of influencers tells us a lot about the fast-paced London lifestyle. They are natural explorers, always connecting with people and places, creating different ways of expressing themselves through fashion - that’s exactly how we view ourselves to be.


In fact, we were totally surprised by the great connections we have made, in the fun and friendly environment of this year’s LFW. Besides meeting so many cool and interesting designers, we valued the discovery of how magical and inspiring the fashion industry can be.


We took a cab to 180 The Strand a day before the event started to arrange our show space and make sure everything was flawless. We showcased our two conceptual collections ‘MUSES’ and ‘PREMIER’, including the SS/18 timepieces only available for pre-order.

We wanted to express how the influencers universe inspired us to be there and for that reason, we teamed up with London-Based lifestyle brands: Sönd Skincare, Chelsea Prints, All that Jazz and Candy Kittens to gift our guests with goodie bags. The tote bags were designed in-house by our talented designer Saliah Bryan and she was great at translating the ADEXE Watch spirit.

 “We can’t expect people to find us; we need to be a part of their lifestyle”.

We really love street-style! (besides being a great source of inspiration to our watch designs). We wanted to interact with people in the streets, bonding with our audience and sharing ideas. So, we asked people what inspired their look for LFW, and it was incredibly fun and outgoing. We are currently sharing the videos on our Social Media Channels, it’s a good way to be closer to our beautiful viewers!

We genuinely feel that brands need to be fully engaged with their audience, we can’t expect people to find us; we need to be a part of their lifestyle.

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Maria Teresa Weidlich

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