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Top 5 Graduation Gift Ideas

Is there any question you dread more than "what do you want for x, y or z?". What do you want for graduation? Humm...

And here goes the long reflection on what you might need or might want, or both. But because we're always keen to make it easier for you, we put together this little graduation gift guide. Just to give you a few ideas.

Even though both you and us already know an ADEXE watch would make it just fine!


1. A Unique Experience

Ever dreamt of doing something crazy? Like buggy jumping? Or sky diving? Or anything else that seems crazy to you? Well, now that you are graduating and that you're parents are super proud of you, it's time to get bold. Yes, it's quite an unconventional gift but it's an experience. And experiences make life exciting. If you can ask for anything, then be daring.


2. A Bike

So, you're graduating and you'll probably start working in the fall. You had so much time to work out, stay fit, go to the gym as a student. Not so much as a young graduate. So yeah, forget the "I can eat this or that because I work out". Unless you find another way to stay fit. With a bike for example. One, you'll commute in style and will save a lot of money. Two, you'll spend energy and use calories. So not really a typical work out but still physical activity, which will be good for you. A bike makes a cool graduation gift. With a basket at the front so that you can carry your bag too!


3. A Holiday With Your Pals

Finishing university is quite the accomplishment. Three or four years (sometimes even more) of hard work, long nights studying (or partying, your pick) and good time with your friends. Unfortunately, you will not all end up in the same city when summer ends. And you might well be seeing your friends for the last time before a very long time. Thus, better make the most of it. A week or two in the sun with your friends, how about that as a graduation gift? Your return flights will already be quite alright!


4. A Cocktail making set

When we talk about a cocktail making set, we're not just talking shaker and bar spoon. No, no, no. We're talking all out. Blender, bartender kit, recipe books, maybe a bottle of liquor or two, even a trolley. Why not. Yes, pal, you're leaving university now! You'll be flatsharing with other young professionals and will have quite a social life (we hope). So gotta entertain those guests, are we right?! Better be prepared!


5. An ADEXE Watch

Did you think there would be a decent gift guide without a watch? Without one of our watches? Well, think again because we do think they make an amazing graduation gift. They are the ultimate sign you are now a full grown up. And how elegant will your wrist look?! So if it's a watch you desire, check our graduation gift set now. You won't regret it, promise!


So, do you have an answer to your question now?


Each experience is different. No one size fits all. Which is why we make sure our designs are diverse, modest and versatile. Many colors, many styles and for sure something you'd love!

Or you could go all out and choose our Graduation Gift set! Hurry before it sells out!

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