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20% off you MAY enjoy! use discount code: ADEXESPRING
How To Style Sistine
Our Sistine collection is a wardrobe staple. It's been established, there is no going back. Leather, mesh, rose gold, silver, monochrome, colorful, the collection screams of spring and is very versatile. You can literally style the Sistine with anything. Tell us your style, we'll match it with a watch!


Your Sistine is your statement. No need to go over the top with your outfit. Keep it simple, keep it basic. It is your watch that will make you stand out. In green, in red or in blue!


Style Sistine In Green

How to style sistine
Green. The color of spring. Right on time now that a new season started. Not really feeling like it is spring yet as it is still so cold outside, but slowly getting there. Why not getting in the mood by adopting the right color from today? Midi dress, wrap dress or silk shirt, green is here to make a statement. Difficult to style but amazing when it is done right.


Because green is such a strong color, when choosing accessories to style it with, it is good to stay neutral and simple. Black, white or silver will always make the cute. Copper and rose gold can work just as well with the tone. Metallics in general will do great. But if you love the color as much as we do, you can also go for a full on green look and wear our new Miniature Sistine Silver & Green with your outfit!


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Style Sistine In Red

How to style sistine
Red. The one color with so many meanings. Love, passion, romance, joy, courage, radiance, for some of the most positive ones. Because red is always associated with something strong. Another color that makes a big statement. Wearing red will get you notice wherever you go. Heard will turn as you walk.


Whether you wear red for that purpose or just because you like the color, we know how to accessorize your outfit. Metallics remain a perfect match for a red outfit. Gun black, silver or copper, will go just fine. Copper will even add some nice contrast. Who said red and pink could not be styled together? If you want to go bolder, go brown. Red and brown are the ultimate chic combination. And if your love for red go even beyond, style your outfit with our Mini Sistine Silver & Red!


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Style Sistine in Blue

How to style sistine
Last but not least. Blue. A timeless classic. Rather neutral to be styled in all the ways possible. Navy blue is one of those tone that go with everything. Pastel color, bright colors, dark colors, other blues. No need to overthink. It has this chic vibe that makes it all easier. Now, what watch to wear with it?


Blue is already a dark color so whether you want your watch to blend in or make a big contrast is up to you. Deconstruct a masculine structure and simple look with a touch of copper. Or make all heads turn to your watch with a touch of white. The right contrast for the ultimate sophistication. Simplicity is always key. Or, again, if blue is the only color you can swear by, our Mini Sistine Silver & Blue is the timepiece for you!


Shop Miniature Sistine In Blue


And you, how would you style watches from our Sistine collection?


For more styling ideas, check out our Miniature Sistine Campaign video.

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