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This is one of my most exciting posts yet. Having only set up my blog a few months ago and taking the whole ‘blogging’ thing seriously, I felt privileged when ADEXE got in touch about a collaboration. Without sounding too excited (which I definitely was) I chose the Meek watch in silver as I believe it suited my style completely, being classic and minimalist. The idea behind ADEXE’s creations are to make stylish, fashionable pieces that cannot be replicated and aim to impose an edgy twist. There’s nothing more I love than good packaging. More times than I would like to admit have I bought something purely because of the packaging. That old Vivienne Westwood earring box WILL come in useful one day…! The watch arrived in a simple black box with the brand stamped in silver on the top. It was perfectly tied with a ribbon which pulled the whole thing together. I am definitely keeping this box, for the watch of course but also other items I will somehow find use for…

What I love about ADEXE is that you get another strap with your purchase so you can change the look of your wrist piece as and when you please to match whatever outfit you have on that day. All of ADEXE’s watches are handcrafted and you also receive a stamped card and model number so that you know your watch is one of a kind – a truly lovely addition as it makes your watch so much more personal. 

As you can see from the above picture; the face of the watch is incredibly elegant. I absolutely love watches with large and simplistic faces which is why I chose the ‘Meek’ design. Being totally un-DIY I actually had to YouTube how to change the length of the strap as I’ve never needed to change the length of my watches but after about 10 seconds I realised how easy it actually was… duh!

I usually alternate between silver and gold jewellery and now that I have a silver watch I can create more diverse outfits as I like to have one or two statement pieces. I’m excited to style my watch with new trends and I am a true believer that a good watch will never go out of fashion.

ADEXE watches have a slot at London Fashion Week where they will be showcasing their timeless (see what I did there) SS/18 pieces and if you haven’t seen the campaign, you really ought to! Also be sure to check out their website as you could win a £200 LFW inspired hamper (of course I’ve already entered!)

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