London Fashion Week  SS/18

LONDON FASHION WEEK is definitely the biggest event in our calendar this year and we are counting down the days!

We put a lot of time and effort in order to guarantee a great experience during our Debut at LFW Designer Showrooms and we want to share a little bit of this experience with you!

We came up with the idea for the SS/18 Campaign during June Summer days. We really wanted to present something cool, edgy and fun and we think the influencers universe represents this concept quite well.

We create watches to be versatile for different occasions, such as; Meetings, Photoshoots, Traveling, Dining and much more! We took the opportunity to invite influencers, Lauren Black and Gwilym Pugh, to introduce the collection. They represented this interesting and fast paced London lifestyle in the best way possible!

As we create more than 60 SKU's per collection, it was extremely difficult to pick our favourite designs to be featured in the look book. We kept it simple and chose the watches that would best represent a ‘Fluid Londoner’s’ personality. We gathered in the office and organized an election, each of us named a few watches that would have the potential to be matched with the latest fashion trends!

"The traditional Freerunner available in off white, light brown, blue and black gets reimagined with a pink coloured strap."

The winner is a great highlight for the SS/18. The New ‘Freerunner Candy Pink’ is a game changer hence it's our first and only Candy Pink strapped watch.

Another great innovation is the latest feature of our ‘They’ watch collection in Brown and Blue. An edgy design with a traditional twist. The ultimate travel watch to embrace a global identity, no matter where you are.

The colors and material choices for this collection reveals a lot about our DNA, flirting between the new and the classic design eras. We combined different styles such as mesh straps and the finest Italian leather to offer a diverse and versatile range. We also opted for timeless colours such as; Silver, Black, Brown, and Navy to create a neutral balance.

The iconic timepieces are featured in our LFW SS/18 look book which were captured in a luxurious setting in London.

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