Meet The Team - Margeaux, ADEXE's Junior Graphic Designer – ADEXE Watches
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Meet The Team - Margeaux, ADEXE's Junior Graphic Designer

Ever wondered who makes up the team behind ADEXE Watch London? We hear you. Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to the different members of our team and give you insight into their role within ADEXE and what they do when they are not in the office!

Let's continue our series with Margeaux, our junior graphic designer.

Margeaux' job

My daily routine at ADEXE London goes a lil something like this: I get off the train at Shoreditch High Street station, there are so many of us getting off at this stop so you can’t be in a rush. I walk out of the station with such a mix of people walking around me. Different cultures, fashion senses, hairstyles you name it, the list goes on! I love it. Somebody who looks like they’ve literally just got out of bed and forgot to wash their face (perhaps that’s the look they were going for, who knows)! Next to them someone who looks as if they have possibly spent more than an hour to make themselves look as perfect as they can for the day ahead with make-up, hairstyle and their entire outfit just looks TIP-TOP! I find people fascinating. I could literally sit at a coffee shop (inside if it’s raining or else outside when the gorgeous sun is out, gots to remember to get enough of that Vitamin D whilst being in the U.K.) but I could just sit there and observe for the entire day!

Besides that, I finally get to the office after a long 4min walk (I mean like how ideal is this office location). Usually go downstairs with Marie and make ourselves a cup of black coffee. Note, I would never order a black coffee for myself because I find that it tastes way too bitter/sour but at work I don’t mind the occasional cup. We get back to our desks and start working. I check my schedule for the day and organise according to what is most important and the closest deadline.

Saliah being my Senior Graphic Designer, I crack on with whatever she cannot get to with her busy and loaded schedule. I design: newsletters, Instagram Stories, edit Influencers pictures where they are wearing an ADEXE London watch. Being new to the ADEXE team I’m still trying to get my head around how everything works. I love what I do because I get the opportunity to work hands-on with lots of the visual collateral that ADEXE creates.

At my previous job I was also the Junior Graphic Designer for a small team at a Social Media company based in Cape Town, South Africa. There I designed and edited our clients (15+) Social Media pages (all at the same time). Now I only focus my time and attention on one brand, ADEXE London. I think I am very lucky to be so happy with the work that I do.

My spontaneous decision to study Graphic Design turned out to be not so bad after all! I graduated with a BA in Visual Communication from The Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography which is in the beautiful student town Stellenbosch, South Africa. I don’t know how to put my dream as a Graphic Designer in words but I simply want become a Motion Graphic Designer and/or 3D Animator. What some Creative Designers are able to create with a computer is just mind blowing (I think it’s awesome and mesmerising). It would be so cool to learn how to make visual creations like that some day.


Margeaux' spare time

In my spare time I love exploring new spaces and trying new things. Being new to London I have absolutely fallen in love with this city. There is just so much to do and there is so much of everything. Oh my word, I love the parks in London. They bring so much happiness, energy, freshness and they make London in another way beautiful.

From June I will be in a new flat-share nearby Victoria Park so I just cannot wait to be walking across the park to and from work, running around doing some exercise and obviously chilling, taking in the beauty and “fresher” air over the weekends. I’m not a keen reader, however, I have just started reading this book and surprisingly when I open it I cannot put it down. So one of my goals will be to start getting into reading. Something I do know about myself is that I love food. However, I am queen of being indecisive when it comes down to deciding what to have when looking at a menu.

My final project at university was a self-promotion and I based it on my first impression people have of myself when they simply look at my facial expression and also my indecisiveness about sweet or savoury food. So my conclusion is to have the best of both worlds! You can have a look at it on my Behance profile.

I collaborated with two Photography students. They were the bomb dot com. It was by far the most fun I had working on a project. Just simply being myself and not really caring what others thought of me. I must admit, at the end of the project I could not fave popcorn.


Margeaux' fun fact

Funny fact about me when I was toddler: Every year there is this fun fair that is set up for one week of the year. My parents took my sister and I down there for the day. My sister being four years older than me, she was obviously taller at the time hence, she could go on rides that I was not allowed on. She got to go on this massive swing ride (the one where there are several swings hanging from a circular roof thing that spins them around and around).

There was a metal pole barrier going around it (to keep whatever needs to be kept out,  and probably safe) and we were watching my sister on the swing but I wanted a better view. So I decided to push my head through the barrier and what do you know, head nicely stuck between the poles. Thanks to my Dumbo-Ears back then my dad legitimately had to get a body builder to pull the poles away from my head, to free little oh me.

Margeaux is wearing ADEXE's Sphère Petite Black & White, Mac Grande Black & Rosegold, Meek Grande Classique Black & White, They Grande Brown & Gold

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