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ADEXE Watches at London Fashion Week

The hip Shoreditch—based ADEXE Watches London has debuted at the renowned LFW Designer Showrooms, introducing a conceptual SS/18 collection inspired by the lifestyles of London-based influencers.

Adding a tonne of innovation into the watch industry; with a lot of attitude and creative ideas, ADEXE Watches has established itself as a non-conformist brand. Assuming watches aren’t merely a utilitarian timepiece - but a powerful fashion statement that says a lot about an individual’s attitude and personality in a global sphere.

“We thought it would be bold to feature ADEXE Watches in the Designer Showrooms, even though it’s commonly a hub for fashion designers. We had to connect with remarkable brands and global influential stores’’ — Angel J Wu., Managing Director & Founder.

London-based influencers Gwilym Pugh and Lauren Black feature the LFW SS/18 PREMIERE collection campaign which was clearly inspired by the fast-paced blogosphere and influencer culture; representing the common connection between people and places, individuals and brands in a world mediated by mobile devices and Social Media.

“We genuinely feel that brands need to be fully engaged with their audience, we can’t expect people to find us; we need to be a part of their lifestyle” — Maria Teresa Weidlich, Marketing Manager.

The SS/18 timepieces flirt between the classic and the edgy style. Japanese movement and hand-made genuine Italian leather adds a cutting-edge finish, guarantees high-quality and consistency.

We wanted to express how the influencers universe inspired the collection and teamed up with London-Based lifestyle brands: Sönd Skincare, Chelsea Prints, All that Jazz and Candy Kittens to gift a group of influencers they have been working with goodie bags. The tote bags were designed in-house by our talented designer Saliah Bryan and she was great at translating the ADEXE Watch spirit.

“We really love street-style, it’s a great source of inspiration for our watch designs and we feel it’s essential to interact with our audience’’ — Saliah Bryan, Design Manager.

The SS/18 collection will be on sale from November 2017 and the colourful watch models encased in luxurious packaging will be showcased during the Christmas season.

For more information, imagery or samples please contact our Marketing Manager: maria.w@adexe.co.uk

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Maria Teresa Weidlich

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