The ADEXE Watch Has Arrived

ADEXE is a young London-based brand whose heritage is a traditional watch manufacturer family business in Hong Kong. With the aim of launching 2 collections per year with, generating around 40, 000 watches a year. 

I was recently gifted an ADEXE Premiere They watch, non gender specific. It boasted genuine Italian leather, high-quality, fine materials, hardened crystal, hand crafted, hand polished and a Seiko movement.

ADEXE box packaging 

ADEXE They Premiere Watch

Presented in a case with dual strap optionality, it has 3 sub-dials, two complications date and day, standard stuff really. With entry level pricing of £105, the Premier They watch is £105, with other watches within the collection starting at £79.99. 


Would I recommend ADEXE? For a travel watch absolutely. Great value for money, I like the exaggerated face, although I think they could clean up the overlap of the sub-dials. With it being non-gender specific the missus got to wear it on our recent trip to Amsterdam, she has now commandeered it full time. I’m gutted really because not only have I given up a decent watch, but if I held out for a couple of weeks I could have given this to her as a birthday gift. Yes I know, shameful.

ADEXE Grande Black and brown

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