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London's best blooms - where to go for the cutest IG Photo

Flowers? For spring? Groundbreaking. A killer sentence that we will always remember. Yes, sure, floral print is not mind blowing in spring, but let's be honest, it is still the right season for that. Even more so when you're looking for that perfect Instagram shot with gorgeous blooms. Flying petals, blooming trees and popping colors are all you need to up your Insta game.


But where would you go though? Where can you find the bloom Saint Graal? All over London actually because the city has a lot of trees and parks. However, we got you covered if you are looking for the cutest places in the capital! Ready for some floral spam?



Greenwich Park


Probably the most underrated and unknown place to find blossoms but here it still is. Greenwich Park. Why not go for a stroll in the park after having tasted the best the food market has to offer? Climb up the Greenwich Park hill, head beyond the Observatory and Planetarium. Follow Blackheath Avenue and turn right towards Rangers House and rose garden. There it is, an alley framed by gorgeous cherry trees!


Stanley Crescent, Notting Hill


We already established a long time ago that Notting Hill is heaven for Instagrammers, photographers and tourists. Pastel houses, colorful streets, eclectic shops, everything you need for a killer shoot. Gotta attract those likes after all! Notting Hill is also great for blooms and blossoms. Yes, all around the area. Whether you stay close to Notting Hill Gate, stroll towards Portobello Road, decide to visit Holland Park or walk on parallel streets, you'll see petals in the wind and colorful flowers. 2 Stanley Crescent as two very big cherry trees that bloom from mid February to end of April and are gorgeous. Enjoy the trees but do not climb on the wall.

Ravenscourt Park


If you are not familiar with Ravenscourt Park, it is a park located in Fulham. The closest tube stations are Ravenscourt Park (of course) and Stamford Brook, both on the District Line. Not so famous, the park is gorgeous and offers some beautiful blooms. Because people tend to flock to Hide Park or Green Park, you'll have less people watch you while taking your photos!


Bramerton Street


Maître Choux, The Ivy Chelsea Garden, Bywaters Street, Chelsea is another pretty area of London with amazing photo opportunities. Every Instagrammer's dream! Most of it is happening on King's Road and if you walk further down to Fulham, you'll come across Bramerton Street. Turn right while heading over to the Ivy to find the prettiest Magnolia tree. Bonus, it is in a side street so not su crowded. Thus, you'll have plenty of time and space for the perfect shots!

South Kensington

South Kensington is a must-see when visiting London. The white houses, the museums, the gardens. The perfect day out for the family. It is also have the prettiest minimalist street with white building and, spoiler, beautiful cherry trees. Whether you walk towards Knightsbridge or Gloucester Road, you'll find what you're looking for. Turn right or left, cherry trees are everywhere!


Where else have you spotted cherry trees and blooming magnolias?

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