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We promise to repair your ADEXE for a life time with just the delivery cost, Nothing Else! 

1. Component Request Only 

Every ADEXE timepiece is designed and made by us, and because of this we know it can be difficult to find the identical parts at your local watch repair shop. You are welcome to request a part from us e.g. a piece of glass, a spring bar, a clasp, etc then have your local watch shop replace it for you. We kindly ask to you cover the delivery cost only, it should be between £ 5 - £10 but we will confirm the delivery charge beforehand depending on your location.

2. Repair service by ADEXE 

If you would like us to repair your watch two years later,  we can also repair or replace Free of Charge, all we ask for is for you to send us the watch at your own cost and pay the delivery fee from our repair centre to you address when the watch is ready. The delivery fee vary from £15 - £30 depending on your locations but we will confirm the delivery charge as well as the closest repair centre you should send the watch to beforehand. The repair service will take between 1 and 6 weeks but we will confirm the time needed beforehand too.
Purchased your ADEXE timepieces outside
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer complimentary repair service to orders purchased not this official website at the moment. If you have purchased an ADEXE watch from our distributors e.g. retail stores, other websites across the globe, your watches are subject to the warranty of that store/website in the given country.
However, we are more than happy to assist and replace any ADEXE Watches for a small fee. Please contact us at, attaching the damaged part with images or videos are strongly recommended in the email.