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The Club W Limited

Our Story So Far

Once upon a time, watchmaking was a venerable art form, marked by quality,
integrity, and variety. Nowadays, outsourcing has become an industry mantra,
where craft, quality and innovation continues to be compromised.

ADEXE however, is a timepiece that reflects the spirit of its wearer,
distinguishing itself from the mass-produced line of “more of the same” masses.

ADEXE prides itself as a master of the venerable art form, melding
mechanical precision with luxury and aesthetic finesse.

The non-conformist brand,

just like you


For those who want to be different but still prize classical quality, ADEXE lets you make the statement.

Join ADEXE, the non-conformist brand, to follow our journey, gain access to exclusive pieces, secret giveaways, and great offers. It's quick, easy, and totally worth your while.