• A hardened crystal is similar to tempered glass but processed in a way that significantly reduces carbon footprint. With our new method and in-house built machine, we are able to melt the glass in the shape we want and without the need to scrape off any part of the glass.

        In the QC process of our hardened crystal glass, we test each glass by dropping a small metal ball (approx. half the size of the dial) on it from the height of half a meter. If the glass breaks, the production starts all over again. If the glass does not break, it can then go to our consumers.
      • We make all our straps from scratch rather than buying the ready-made ones not only because the cost is lower but also less waste is produced through the process.

        Traditionally, A complete leather strap is usually made of 3 layers in order to form the “top”, “middle” and “bottom” parts. However in order to make sure the straps look perfectly smooth and damage-less, the natural damaged straps (genuine leather) are usually discarded during the selection, leaving only about 50% left of materials.

        BUT, here is how we do it! We buy uncut, unprocessed (each piece is at least 2m x 2m) leather directly from different small tenaries in Florence, Italy. We let our leather masters examine the leather from top to bottom, he can then decide which part can be used for “top” straps, “middle” staps and “bottom” straps. Those naturally damaged ones usually go into “middle” so the quality of the product is kept to our standards and at the same time we fully utilise the materials given.


      • If you are paying with non-U.K. cards, you might be subject to bank charges and daily currency differences. For more information, please contact your local bank.

        We suggest you pay via Paypal because it shows the exact amount payable in your currency before confirming the order! Thanks Max Levchin, Peter Thiel and Luke Nosek (paypal founders) for creating such an amazing financial product
      • We unfortunately do not cover import taxes for all orders outside the U.K. because the tax rates and regulations vary among countries. You are welcome to contact us so we can check and let you know an estimate.
      • Normally no, but you are welcome to email us ASAP, we will be able to cancel it if it has not been packed. If the order has been packed or dispatched, returns need be made within 30 days after receiving your confirmation receipt.


      • If you need to set the date, please turn the crown anti-clockwise. If you need to set the day, a little bit of finger exercise is needed ☝️, turn the crown clockwise for 24 hours will move one day forward!

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