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COVID-19 Temporary Delivery Notice

It is an uneasy time for every global citizen and we will work together to make our lives as normal and joyful as possible.
Our official website is running as normal and our customer service team is reachable via email, live chat, IG DM and facebook messaging from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. GMT Monday to Friday.

To date, there has been no known cases of COVID-19 amongst staff at ADEXE. However, to ensure the safety of our fulfilment team, we have not only stepped up the hygiene and safety measures but also reduced their working hours. This will result in delay of the dispatch and delivery time for few days until further notice.

Delivery and Returns

1. How much does it cost for delivery?
Delivery Type/£   Standard Delivery Express
U.K.  FREE £5
E.U. FREE £10-20
USA & Canada FREE £15-20
Rest of the World
FREE £15-35
2. How long will delivery take?
Delivery Type/Business Days  Standard Delivery Express
U.K.  1 - 2 Working days Next Day *order before 3pm
E.U. 3 - 5 Working days 1 - 2 Working days
USA & Canada 7 - 10 Working days 1 - 2 Working days
Rest of the World
7 - 14 Working days 1 - 3 Working days
3. Can I return an unwanted item?

Yes, you can return and exchange your item(s) within 30 days upon dispatch confirmation.
For more information please refer to Delivery & Return Page

My Order

1. Where is my parcel?

Once your order is dispatch, you shall receive a dispatch confirmation along with the tracking reference.
For U.K order,delivery will take up to 3 working days and 7-10 working days for order outside U.K.
For more information please refer to Delivery & Return Page

2. Can I cancel immediately after purchase?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel immediately after purchasing online. Returns must be made within 30 days of receiving your confirmation reciept.

3. How long will my delivery take?
Delivery Type:  Standard Delivery Express
U.K.  1 - 2 Working days Next Day order before 3pm
E.U. 3 - 5 Working days 1 - 2 Working days
USA & Canada 7 - 10 Working days 1 - 2 Working days
Rest of the World
7 - 14 Working days 1 - 3 Working days
4. How much would I be charged in home country currency?

If you are paying with non-U.K. cards, you might be subject to bank charges and daily currency differences. For more information, please contact your local bank.

5. Do I need to pay import Tax?

Buyer outside EU may have to pay import duties and taxes , the charges differ for different countries. We kindly advise you to contact the local customs office for further information.

6. I have not received a confirmation email

We kindly ask you to check your junk mailbox first.Otherwise, please contact us by email or start a chat with us by clicking the "?" button at the right conrner, and include the recipient namde, order date and purchsaed item(s) in the email.


1. How do I exchange the straps with the removable tools in the packaging?

Whether you want to exchange strap or adjust mesh band size, it is super easy and simple. Please check out our Strap Ajustment Video for instruction.
For time-setting of watches, information can also be found in the user manual included in the packaging box. 

2. What is special about our hand-made genuine Italian straps?

We make all our straps from scratch rather than buying the ready-made ones not only because the cost is lower but also less waste is produced through the process.
Traditionally, the straps are cut into 3 layers for the “top”, “middle” and “bottom” part.
The straps are usually discarded even if it is naturally damaged (genuine leather) because it has to look perfectly smooth and pretty in the shop.
Since the straps are processed by us from the start, we examine the damaged straps and use it for the “middle” part of the strap, so that the quality of the product is kept to our standards and at the same time we are being environmentally friendly.

3. What is Hardened Crystal Glass?

A hardened crystal is similar to tempered glass but processed in a way that significantly reduces carbon footprint. With our new method and in-house built machine, we are able to melt the shape we want completely and without the need to scrape off any part of the glass.

In the QC process of our hardened crystal glass, we test each glass by dropping a small metal ball (approx. half the size of the dial) on it from the height of half a meter. If the glass breaks, the production starts all over again. If the glass does not break, it can then go to our consumers.

4. Two Years International Warranty Policy?

All purchases made through the official ADEXE website is guaranteed for 2 years for manufacturing defects from the original date of purchase under the terms and conditions of this guarantee.

This guarantee covers the watch movement. Should a component be defective from materials or workmanship during the warranty period under normal use, the watch will be replaced for free of charges.

If a problem occurs outside of normal use, we are able to repair for a small fee.

5. Purchases made from elsewhere besides the official ADEXE website?

All purchases made through the official ADEXE website have 2 years warranty. However, we are not responsible for any purchases made elsewhere, retail stores or other websites across the globe are subject to the warranty of that store/website in the given country.

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