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Delivery and Returns 

1. Can I track my delivery?

Once your order is placed, you shall receive an email of order confirmation. Within 48 hours (taking longer for bank and public holidays), you shall receive another email for dispatch confirmation along with the tracking reference number. For more info, please check out Delivery and Returns Page


2. Can I cancel immediately after purchase?
Unfortunately, you cannot cancel immediately after purchasing online. Returns must be made within 30 days of receiving your confirmation reciept.


3. How long will my delivery take?
UK Delivery - 48-72 Hours
Within EU (Excluding UK) - 2-5 Working Days
Rest of the World – 4-8 Working Days
Express Delivery - refer to check out options



1. How do I exchange the straps with the removable tools in the packaging?
Please check out our online user manual guide for instruction. For time-setting of watches, information can also be found in the user manual included in the packaging box. 

2. What is Hardened Crystal Glass? 
We developed this crystal glass in-house to increase the resistance of the glass significantly. First, we put together layers of normal glasses, melt and shape them into a big piece of glass by the professional glass makers, then cut them in circular pieces. Later when the glasses are set, we melt them again and mould into the shape we want. In the Première collection, all the glasses are curved on the edge because we wanted to show the domed effect that can "pop" the glass out as well as being specifically reflective under sunlight. The process of making a piece of glass can take up to 7 days! Finally, we test each glass by dropping a small metal ball (approx. half the size of the dial) on it from the height of half a meter. If the glass breaks, the production starts all over again. If the glass does not break, it can then go to our consumers. 

3. What is so special about our hand-made genuine Italian glass? 
We make all our straps from scratch rather than buying the ready-made ones. Read more about how to make them in our Journal. 


4. If not the battery does work within 30-day purchase, is it faulty? 
It is not faulty. However, please send us an email and we will replace the battery for you free of charge. 


5. Can you change the battery for me in the future?
Yes, you can send the watch back to us and we can change the battery for you at a small fee. However, you can also consider visiting your local watch repair shops as most of them should be able to accomplish the task.


6. International Warranty – What is my warranty policy if I buy a watch from elsewhere besides the official ADEXE website?

All purchases made through the official ADEXE website have lifetime warranty. However, any purchases made elsewhere (ie. retail stores or other websites across the globe) are subject to the warranty of that store/website in the given country. We are not held responsible.


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If you do wish to still contact us, feel free to go through our Contact Us section.