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Travel The World With ADEXE

Travel The World With ADEXE

Because you need to have the perfect accessories when it comes to travelling and getting all these flights!
ADEXE x Christmas Gift Guide

ADEXE x Christmas Gift Guide

November is finally here, and we are not too long in the running countdown till Christmas. We know it can sometimes be difficult to decide what to buy for your loved ones, so we have decided to make it just a little bit easier for you. So here at ADEXE, we have put together our first ever Christmas Gift Guide, to suit all characters and personalities!


The non-conformist brand ADEXE Watches London have made their mark back in their traditional routes as they feature the new innovative SS/18 collection in Hong Kong’s 35th edition of the Watch & Clock Fair.

ADEXE Watches Showcase in China

Representing London’s young, vibrant and outgoing lifestyle influencers, ADEXE Watches capture the fluidity between classic and edgy, creating a concept that is both powerful in style and innovative in design.

Competing with China's broad Watches market, ADEXE have shown their unique sense of style, through their culture of being classic and timeless but with a twisted edge. Working with influencers have become the key source of inspiration, using inspiring influencers Gwilym Pugh and Lauren Black to introduce the new collection.  

The upcoming SS/18 collection evokes a personality that signifies the versatility of its wearer. Redesigning and reinventing the FREERUNNER watch, the new collection introduces its first ever and only candy pink strapped watch – the FREERUNNER Candy Pink watch, taking a classic to a whole new level.

The collection itself showcases different elements combining the traditional classic timepiece but with a contemporary twist to suit each individual style to “create finely crafted, uniquely appointed timepieces at affordable prices”. Ranging from leather straps to mesh straps from the MEEK and THEY range, to versatile colours of black, silver, brown and navy, ADEXE knows how to offer a diverse range.

The SS/18 collection will launch from November 2017.

#StyleWith ADEXE

About the Author

Tahmina Uddin Social Media

Tahmina Uddin

A quirky 20 something year old Social Media & Marketing Influencer, a part time dreamer and a lover for all things music, travel and style.




As we transition into the cooler months where key fashion staples and accessories are coming back, along with that comes our desire to experiment with new, different and bolder makeup looks. Our love for Autumn doesn’t stop at the beautiful golden leaves or warm scented candles, so here’s our top five makeup trend picks to make this Autumn a showstopper.

Vampire Dark Lips
Dark lips are key for this autumn season, looking great on any skin tone. Go with a deep red purple shade for that bold vampy look.

Match the vampy lips with our Foreseer Grande Grey & Dark Brown



Draw attention to the eyes with a sexy flick, a classic winged liner is perfect to make a great statement.

Pair the statement eyes with a statement watch (Freerunner Petite Red)

Brown Eye Shadow
Brown smoky sultry eyes are a killer in the autumn season, either bump it up with coats of luscious mascara or keep it low key with a subtle wash over the eyes.

Match the sultry eyes with a sultry watch (Freerunner Petite Black & Rose Gold)

Bold Brows with Sphere Silver Watch
Bold brows with a minimal makeup can look gorgeous in the cooler months. Even simply defined brows can make any look more polished and put together.

Keep it simple and defined with our Sphere Petite Black & White Watch

Metallics with Adexe Sistine RoseGold Blue
 Now this can be a tricky one, but it can be done. Whether it’s just the eyes or lips, or if you dare to do both, you can make this as subtle as possible or as dramatic as you like. Definitely a statement one though!

With a metallic-esque face, our Sistine Grande Black & Rosegold Watch can walk the streets as a showstopper

Inspired by the autumn season and with Halloween coming up, ADEXE are giving our readers 15% off for our MIDNIGHT HOUR campaign.

About the Author

Tahmina Uddin Social Media

Tahmina Uddin

A quirky 20 something year old Social Media & Marketing Influencer, a part time dreamer and a lover for all things music, travel and style.




To say I love fashion, is simply an understatement I live and breath for it. However this often isn't quite reflected through my own personal style. Although I avidly follow the latest trends I still find that sometimes I haven't quite developed yet my own unique sense of fashion. Sometimes I stare at my clothes rails, frustration bubbling up inside of me at the mix match of clothes that lay out before my eyes.
Hand Model of ADEXE Sistine Watch
ADEXE Watches Packaging

However, though perhaps my collection of clothes does not have the qualities of a capsule wardrobe it does however speak volumes about who I am and what I like. 
I am specific about the clothes I buy. I don't tend to buy clothes on a whim. I often don't buy items the moment I see it. If I am in a shop I will often wander around for an absolute age with an item in my hand until I decide I definitely want it. If I'm online shopping, an item will often end up in and out of my shopping basket more times than you've had a cooked breakfast. 
However through all my toing and froing over the past year or so I have managed to really home in on creating a wardrobe full of pieces that I love.  It may not be a fully cohesive statement wardrobe, but it is one that is filled with treasured pieces. For years I would often just buy things I liked at first sight purely because I wanted it or it looked nice at the time. And though of course that shouldn't stop you buying something, most of the time I ended up getting no wear out of these items because it didn't quite go with other pieces or I perhaps didn't love it as much as I first thought.
This is why I believe developing your personal style really takes time. Good old fashioned time. 
It took me time to realise that when I buy items I should consider things like, what can I wear this with? How versatile is it? Will I wear it more than once? These things have helped me now develop a wardrobe that is filled with items I not only love but get plenty of use out of. 
Being so particular about defining my personal style is something which held me back from owning a watch for so long. In fact the last time I owned a watch was back in my school days where I proudly donned a Harry Potter watch each day. Wish I still had it now tbh. 
I felt like a watch really needed to be an investment and something that is true to your personal taste. Often I would see a watch and think yes that is so nice (like this Rose Gold watch I was obsessed with for about a week) but then I would think about wearing it day to day and realise it didn't quite reflect my style. I wanted something delicate and quite feminine without being too girly. I wanted a leather strap which could cohere with my everyday outfits. I wanted a plain watch face which was also still quite appealing. 
Finally this year I managed to find a brand which reflected my taste very easily and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with them too. I am writing this from an open honest opinion too and not just saying this because we are working together. I have been approached by watch brands in the past but had to politely decline because the watches did not suit my style in my opinion. For me Adexe watches completely encapsulates the minimalistic yet perfectly stylish type of style that I adore. Plus not only do they produce some beautiful watches but the items are all very reasonably priced which is very important to me as I am a budget friendly blogger.

Not only has the watch arrived exactly to my taste but the genuine leather strap is comfortable to wear and has suppled nicely to fit the shape of my wrist (which are weirdly tiny btw). The face seems nice and sturdy albeit looking a little delicate at first. At initial glance I did wonder if the watch would be slightly flimsy with the face being so delicate but after wearing it for nearly two weeks now I can safely say that is not the case. I am really pleased with this watch and think it's the ideal reflection of my style and has made a great asset to my wardrobe!

ADEXE Watch Box
ADEXE Watches Sistine
Sistine ADEXE Watch
ADEXE Watch on Wrist

*This post was kindly gifted by Adexe Watches London (all opinions are my own)

So as they always say, everything gets better with time (truthfully though that is a bit of a half true saying - what about age? That doesn't really get better with time). Before I ramble on though, playing on the concept of time I do believe that my sense of style improves year by year and I have been able to whittle down my selections to become classic pieces I know I will use time and time again (How many times can I say time in this post).

Does anyone else believe their personal style has improved with time?

About the Author

Natasha Todd Influencer

Natasha Todd

My name is Natasha but pretty much everyone calls me Tash, and I'm an aspiring fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger. I started this blog in Oct 2015 after many years of wanting to start my own website, especially as I studied Journalism at university so I've always had a keen eye for writing!


In collaboration with… ADEXE Watches

In collaboration with… ADEXE Watches

This is one of my most exciting posts yet. Having only set up my blog a few months ago and taking the whole ‘blogging’ thing seriously, I felt privileged when ADEXE got in touch about a collaboration. Without sounding too excited (which I definitely was) I chose the Meek watch in silver as I believe it suited my style completely, being classic and minimalist. The idea behind ADEXE’s creations are to make stylish, fashionable pieces that cannot be replicated and aim to impose an edgy twist. ADEXE Packaging There’s nothing more I love than good packaging. More times than I would like to admit have I bought something purely because of the packaging. That old Vivienne Westwood earring box WILL come in useful one day…! The watch arrived in a simple black box with the brand stamped in silver on the top. It was perfectly tied with a ribbon which pulled the whole thing together. I am definitely keeping this box, for the watch of course but also other items I will somehow find use for…

Adexe packaging with watch

What I love about ADEXE is that you get another strap with your purchase so you can change the look of your wrist piece as and when you please to match whatever outfit you have on that day. All of ADEXE’s watches are handcrafted and you also receive a stamped card and model number so that you know your watch is one of a kind – a truly lovely addition as it makes your watch so much more personal. Meek petite

As you can see from the above picture; the face of the watch is incredibly elegant. I absolutely love watches with large and simplistic faces which is why I chose the ‘Meek’ design. Being totally un-DIY I actually had to YouTube how to change the length of the strap as I’ve never needed to change the length of my watches but after about 10 seconds I realised how easy it actually was… duh!


I usually alternate between silver and gold jewellery and now that I have a silver watch I can create more diverse outfits as I like to have one or two statement pieces. I’m excited to style my watch with new trends and I am a true believer that a good watch will never go out of fashion.

ADEXE Meek magazine

ADEXE watches have a slot at London Fashion Week where they will be showcasing their timeless (see what I did there) SS/18 pieces and if you haven’t seen the campaign, you really ought to! Also be sure to check out their website as you could win a £200 LFW inspired hamper (of course I’ve already entered!)

About the Author



Aspiring lawyer with a love for fashion and cruelty-free beauty. I basically see myself as the English Version of Elle Woods.


London Fashion Week  SS/18

London Fashion Week SS/18

LONDON FASHION WEEK is definitely the biggest event in our calendar this year and we are counting down the days!

We put a lot of time and effort in order to guarantee a great experience during our Debut at LFW Designer Showrooms and we want to share a little bit of this experience with you!

We came up with the idea for the SS/18 Campaign during June Summer days. We really wanted to present something cool, edgy and fun and we think the influencers universe represents this concept quite well.

We create watches to be versatile for different occasions, such as; Meetings, Photoshoots, Traveling, Dining and much more! We took the opportunity to invite influencers, Lauren Black and Gwilym Pugh, to introduce the collection. They represented this interesting and fast paced London lifestyle in the best way possible!

As we create more than 60 SKU's per collection, it was extremely difficult to pick our favourite designs to be featured in the look book. We kept it simple and chose the watches that would best represent a ‘Fluid Londoner’s’ personality. We gathered in the office and organized an election, each of us named a few watches that would have the potential to be matched with the latest fashion trends!

"The traditional Freerunner available in off white, light brown, blue and black gets reimagined with a pink coloured strap."

The winner is a great highlight for the SS/18. The New ‘Freerunner Candy Pink’ is a game changer hence it's our first and only Candy Pink strapped watch.

Another great innovation is the latest feature of our ‘They’ watch collection in Brown and Blue. An edgy design with a traditional twist. The ultimate travel watch to embrace a global identity, no matter where you are.

The colors and material choices for this collection reveals a lot about our DNA, flirting between the new and the classic design eras. We combined different styles such as mesh straps and the finest Italian leather to offer a diverse and versatile range. We also opted for timeless colours such as; Silver, Black, Brown, and Navy to create a neutral balance.

The iconic timepieces are featured in our LFW SS/18 look book which were captured in a luxurious setting in London.

Discover more here______


About the Author

Maria Teresa Weidlich Marketing

Maria Teresa Weidlich

Marketing Manager and Influencer


Handcrafted Luxury Black ADEXE Watch

Handcrafted Luxury Black ADEXE Watch

With over 30 years of mastering the art of watch making, and 2 collections launching every year, ADEXE's family run business create 40,000 watches in a year alone and there's no stopping them any time soon! their differentiation from the mass-produced competitors by offering traditional quality and luxury through finely creating unique timepieces at affordable prices, makes them stand out from your normal watch company.

ADEXE packaging

The lovely Maria over at ADEXE Watches gave me the chance to choose my own watch to try and I instantly fell head over heels in love with the THEY Grande Black & Rose Gold watch. I only own one watch *can you believe that* which is a DKNY Rose Gold one that I got for my 21st birthday, and although I absolutely love it, it gets so easily scratched and isn't something that I can wear on the daily!

So when picking my watch from ADEXE, I KNEW I needed one that was going to be comfortable to wear all day, with a strap that won't get scratched easily and something I can wear whilst sleeping *I am so fussy with having jewellery on for bed*. But this THEY Collection watch ticks ALL the boxes!

With its genuine Italian leather, high-quality materials, hardened crystal, hand crafted conceptual design, I just know it's perfect for me! If you're wanting some watch inspiration then head on over to the ADEXE Watches Instagram page and boy they have a beautiful selection to choose from! They have watches that range edgy, to classy and elegant, so what are you waiting for?! Head over to their website to follow them and get 10% off your first order!

Which watch is catching your eye? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

About the Author

Luce Stephenson - Blogger

Luce Stephenson

I'm Lucy Stephenson, nice to meet you. I'm currently studying a Health Psychology & Clinical Skills Masters at Teesside University. My Award Nominated Blog & YouTube Channel are another passion of mine in which I feature Make Up, Hair, Fashion, Lifestyle, Fitness, Vlogs and more!


Accessorising For Summer

Accessorising For Summer

I somehow went from not owning any watches, to owning two stunningly beautiful ones within the space of a month! This elegant little rose gold watch was very kindly sent to me from the lovely team over at ADEXE, and it was honestly love at first sight! I feel like a different person when I'm wearing it, it's so classy and sophisticated that it makes me feel ready to take on the world. This watch is one of those timeless pieces that I will keep (and wear) for years and years to come, and it's so beautifully well made that I'm sure it will stand the test of time!

Adexe Watch Displayed

I highly recommend checking out the ADEXE website as they have so many gorgeous styles available (this one is part of the meek collection), and if you sign up to their mailing list you get 10% off of your first order - I've got my eye on the freerunner style in white.

About the Author

Friday Faye

    Friday Faye

     Full-time Retoucher, Part-time Dreamer. I'm from London and I'm in my 20's.


The ADEXE Watch Has Arrived

The ADEXE Watch Has Arrived

ADEXE is a young London-based brand whose heritage is a traditional watch manufacturer family business in Hong Kong. With the aim of launching 2 collections per year with, generating around 40, 000 watches a year. 

I was recently gifted an ADEXE Premiere They watch, non gender specific. It boasted genuine Italian leather, high-quality, fine materials, hardened crystal, hand crafted, hand polished and a Seiko movement.

ADEXE box packaging

ADEXE They Premiere Watch

Presented in a case with dual strap optionality, it has 3 sub-dials, two complications date and day, standard stuff really. With entry level pricing of £105, the Premier They watch is £105, with other watches within the collection starting at £79.99. 

Young Woman Modelling Adexe Watch

Would I recommend ADEXE? For a travel watch absolutely. Great value for money, I like the exaggerated face, although I think they could clean up the overlap of the sub-dials. With it being non-gender specific the missus got to wear it on our recent trip to Amsterdam, she has now commandeered it full time. I’m gutted really because not only have I given up a decent watch, but if I held out for a couple of weeks I could have given this to her as a birthday gift. Yes I know, shameful.

ADEXE Grande Black and brown

Adexe Watch against fence

About the Author

Peter Brooker - Human Research

Peter Brooker - Human Research

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