To say I love fashion, is simply an understatement I live and breath for it. However this often isn't quite reflected through my own personal style. Although I avidly follow the latest trends I still find that sometimes I haven't quite developed yet my own unique sense of fashion. Sometimes I stare at my clothes rails, frustration bubbling up inside of me at the mix match of clothes that lay out before my eyes.
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However, though perhaps my collection of clothes does not have the qualities of a capsule wardrobe it does however speak volumes about who I am and what I like. 
I am specific about the clothes I buy. I don't tend to buy clothes on a whim. I often don't buy items the moment I see it. If I am in a shop I will often wander around for an absolute age with an item in my hand until I decide I definitely want it. If I'm online shopping, an item will often end up in and out of my shopping basket more times than you've had a cooked breakfast. 
However through all my toing and froing over the past year or so I have managed to really home in on creating a wardrobe full of pieces that I love.  It may not be a fully cohesive statement wardrobe, but it is one that is filled with treasured pieces. For years I would often just buy things I liked at first sight purely because I wanted it or it looked nice at the time. And though of course that shouldn't stop you buying something, most of the time I ended up getting no wear out of these items because it didn't quite go with other pieces or I perhaps didn't love it as much as I first thought.
This is why I believe developing your personal style really takes time. Good old fashioned time. 
It took me time to realise that when I buy items I should consider things like, what can I wear this with? How versatile is it? Will I wear it more than once? These things have helped me now develop a wardrobe that is filled with items I not only love but get plenty of use out of. 
Being so particular about defining my personal style is something which held me back from owning a watch for so long. In fact the last time I owned a watch was back in my school days where I proudly donned a Harry Potter watch each day. Wish I still had it now tbh. 
I felt like a watch really needed to be an investment and something that is true to your personal taste. Often I would see a watch and think yes that is so nice (like this Rose Gold watch I was obsessed with for about a week) but then I would think about wearing it day to day and realise it didn't quite reflect my style. I wanted something delicate and quite feminine without being too girly. I wanted a leather strap which could cohere with my everyday outfits. I wanted a plain watch face which was also still quite appealing. 
Finally this year I managed to find a brand which reflected my taste very easily and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with them too. I am writing this from an open honest opinion too and not just saying this because we are working together. I have been approached by watch brands in the past but had to politely decline because the watches did not suit my style in my opinion. For me Adexe watches completely encapsulates the minimalistic yet perfectly stylish type of style that I adore. Plus not only do they produce some beautiful watches but the items are all very reasonably priced which is very important to me as I am a budget friendly blogger.

Not only has the watch arrived exactly to my taste but the genuine leather strap is comfortable to wear and has suppled nicely to fit the shape of my wrist (which are weirdly tiny btw). The face seems nice and sturdy albeit looking a little delicate at first. At initial glance I did wonder if the watch would be slightly flimsy with the face being so delicate but after wearing it for nearly two weeks now I can safely say that is not the case. I am really pleased with this watch and think it's the ideal reflection of my style and has made a great asset to my wardrobe!

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ADEXE Watches Sistine
Sistine ADEXE Watch
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*This post was kindly gifted by Adexe Watches London (all opinions are my own)

So as they always say, everything gets better with time (truthfully though that is a bit of a half true saying - what about age? That doesn't really get better with time). Before I ramble on though, playing on the concept of time I do believe that my sense of style improves year by year and I have been able to whittle down my selections to become classic pieces I know I will use time and time again (How many times can I say time in this post).

Does anyone else believe their personal style has improved with time?

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